About Me

Gaby RendonOh well, it is difficult trying to make sense of who I am right now, but I’m absolutely sure of who I am working to become: a role model for my kiddos, a scholar seeking answers on the impact of globalization in the development of violent conflicts, and a champion of anti-trafficking programs

I studied International Relations in Mexico City, have more than two decades of experience on theories of terrorism, political violence, and insurgencies, I’ve worked as a government official for Mexico and the U.S.A. I enjoyed working open-source intelligence, political analysis, media monitoring, risk assessment and making sense of democracy in Latin America.

In 2010 I moved to Texas, never expecting a 180-degree shift unbecoming who I used to be, you could say I got lost in translation the same as Bill Murray’s Bob aching to reconnect with life, suffering from cultural and language differences (I honestly thought I was bilingual, I now admit that I was as bilingual as a toddler), bored and lonely despite the constant carpooling, school volunteering, PTO meetings, part-time office, and studies…

Then the special circumstance, the hidden variable in the analysis appeared distorting all sense of balance, calm and “normality” in a family if such a thing even exists.

The shock of discovering one of my children was a victim of bullying to the point of a mental breakdown gave me more reasons to continue my passion for unveiling what lies behind the constant and persistent harassment towards an individual or a community because such bully-like behavior creates conflict that could have negative consequences at a personal or social level.

Nothing calls my attention more than scholarly research and advocacy, I believe my personal experience was a blessing in disguise pushing me into unchartered territory creating a stronger sense of purpose and life goals.



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